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by Muzora

What Does A Producer Do

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A movie producer’s job description is difficult to define because they are responsible for so many different tasks during the making of a film. Here is a list of the different types of producers and what they do:

  • General Definition

A film producer is an individual who initiates and supervises the making of a movie. A producer is the one who takes the film from an idea to a reality. This includes raising the money to make it happen and hiring all of the personnel. In the first half of the 20th Century the producers had most of the creative control over the movie. The last half of the century showed more creative control shift to the director due to the fall of the Hollywood Studio System in the 1950’s. The amount of creative control the producers have over the film can vary for each film project (unlike television where the producers have much more creative control).

  • Line Producer

The Line Producer is on the set and oversees the day-to-day aspects of the film. They also supervise all the budgeting and scheduling for the cast and crew.

  • Executive Producer

The Executive Producer is the individual who contributed funding towards the film (whole or partially). The studio representative or CEO will often get Executive Producer credit for big budget films. Films will often attach a recognizable name as an Executive Producer to add more notoriety to the project but he or she may not have a large role in the process. Smaller production companies will give Executive Producer credit to the creator or primary writer (evident in Television).

  • Associate Producer/Co-Producer

Associate Producers and Co-Producers work for the Executive Producers to help finance the project. They also serve as consultants on set and can have creative/administrative responsibilities alongside the Line Producer. These types of producers wear the most hats out of all. They are representatives of the main financial contributors of the film and are the liaisons between the creative and business aspects of the film.