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by tpgutshall

Wedding Thank You Note Tips

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After the wedding, you and your partner are left with writing various thank you notes for gifts and services.  Follow these "dos and don'ts" of writing thank you notes. 

  • Personalize your notes.  Make references to the person as well as the gift.
  • Be enthusiastic, but try not to gush.
  • Do not send form letters or cards with preprinted messages and just your signature. 
  • Do not send email thank yous in lieu of a handwritten, personal note.
  • Do not mention that you are going to return or exchange the gift!
  • Do not write a note to show value of the gift.
  • Do refer to the use of how you will use cash gifts.  People would like to know that they are helping towards your new house or a big purchase.
  • Do not include wedding photos or cards if this will delay sending thank you notes.
  • Do write your thank you notes as soon as your receive the gift or service.   You will be thankful that most of your notes are taken care of after the wedding.
  • On that note, promptly acknowledge receipt of gifts shipped to you - even if you call or email to let them know that you did receive the gift, follow up with a written thank you note soon.
  • Do not use lateness as an excuse to not write a thank you note - better late than never.