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by tpgutshall

Who Should You Thank After Your Wedding

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Now that your wedding is over, it is time to send out your thank yous.  But, who do you thank?  My general rule is everyone that helped out during your wedding.  Try to send out all thank you notes within two weeks of receiving the gift or favor, if at all possible.  But, here is a general list that will help you sort out your thank you notes.

  • Everyone who gifts you a shower or wedding present.
  • Everyone who gives you money - cash, checks, contributions to savings and investment accounts, donations to charities.
  • Anyone who sends you a "congratulations" message on the day of your wedding.
  • All of your wedding attendants.
  • People who entertain for you - if there is more than one host for your shower, host or entertain your wedding guests, etc.  It may also be appropriate to give a small gift with your note as an extra appreciation of your thanks.
  • People who do small acts of kindness for your - your neighbor that signs gifts for you while you are on your honeymoon, someone helping out with your wedding, organist, music or wedding director)
  • Suppliers or vendors.  You do not have to write everyone a thank you note, but if they have exceeded your expectations, a thank you note is an added touch for excellent service.