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by tpgutshall

Wedding Registry Tips

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Brides have typically registered with a handful of stores for their fine and everyday china, crystal, silverware, linens and other household items.  Here are a few tips for the coupon on when, what and how to set up their registries.

  • Do think about what you need.  A registry is a "wish list" based upon your real needs.  If you do not care for fine china or silver, do not register for those items:  register for the items that you will use.  Whatever you select, be sure that you and your partner agree on your choices.
  • Leave the choice of gifts to your guests.  Having a registry does not mean that people will buy gifts from your registry.  Sometimes, surprises are the best gifts of all.
  • Be sure to include a wide variety of price ranges.  Your guests have varying budgets, so your list should be inclusive for all of your guests invited to the wedding.
  • Register with national chains if possible.  This way, it will be easier for guests from around the country to find and order a gift for you.  Also, try to make sure that they have an only registry where people can "click and ship" your gift. Do have a local store with items from your registry for those that live within driving distance.  
  • Do not register for the same items at different stores, UNLESS you plan on managing your registry in order to avoid receiving duplicates.
  • Politely inform guests of your registry.  Word of mouth is the best.  DO NOT INCLUDE REGISTRY INFORMATION IN YOUR WEDDING INVITATION.  However, it is OK for shower hosts to include your registry information because gift giving is the main focus of the shower.
  • Monitor your registry.  Make sure there is a wide variety available closer to the wedding so last minute gift givers still have a choice of gift.