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by olakos2000

Marketing by email

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Email is an excellent way to communicate with your friends, customers, and business partners. Marketing by email is not the same as sending spam emails to numerous unknown Internet users. An example of marketing could be a professional newsletter or a product promotion.

Here are a few tips on how to market using your email:

  • Graphics. When creating an advertisement through an email, you should include some graphic objects such as pictures, flashing words, and emoticons. Graphics make your marketing email look professional, and it tells your reader that you care.
  • Fonts. Be sure to use big size fonts in your email. On average, people spend 2-3 seconds on every advertisement. In most cases it is only enough to read the name of the product you publicize. Also you should use different color fonts. If you are having a sale and you want the reader to concentrate on the word sale, then you should have it in flashing colors such as red.
  • Email extra features. Some free email hosts such as yahoo and hotmail offer extra features. For example, if you want to have a fancy email background, you can use stationery. Stationery allows you to have many different themes such as holiday celebration, show events, and invitations.
  • Email add-on Software. Some email hosts allow you to add certain applications to their email inboxes. These email add-ons offer you more options to customize your email by embedding pictures, moving objects, and more.
  • Links. When trying to market a product or a service through an email, you should include several links where the reader can find more information about your advertised product. You should consider an advertised email as a door to your website. By offering links, you will direct the reader where they should go if they are interested.