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by coureurdebois

Tips on setting up a home gym

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Setting up a home gym offers incomparable convenience for people who enjoy working out regularly but don't have time or money to drive to the gym every day. A home gym can also be more sanitary than a fitness club.

Check online for unbiased home gym equipment reviews.
Check online for unbiased home gym equipment
If you already have a room – or corner of a room – to set aside, the biggest price tag will be the equipment for outfitting your gym. Buying the wrong equipment could be a costly mistake.

These tips should help you get the right stuff in the right place the first time!

  • Visit a local gym to help you choose the equipment that you would like to have as part of your home gym. Most gyms use the latest innovations in workout equipment.
  • Even better, sign up for a trial membership at a gym. You can test drive a wide variety of equipment without sales pressure or promises. Also, it is better to learn at the gym that an exercise bike bores you to tears or that an elliptical trainer is easier on your knees than the traditional treadmill.
  • Check online for unbiased home gym equipment reviews. You can select the best weight system, cardio equipment, and other workout equipment based on these reviews.
  • If possible, buy exercise equipment that doesn’t store away between uses. It sounds nice to be able to stow your equipment out of the way – under the bed or in a closet – but too often that’s where it stays.
  • Designated a room or part of a room exclusively for your gym. The less furniture you have to move around before you hit the weights, the more likely you will stick with your schedule.
  • Make your home gym a place where you enjoy spending time. Noises from other parts of the house should be minimal, and noises from the gym should not bother other members of the household.
  • Your workout area should be bright and have adequate ventilation. If your gym is in the corner of a dark basement, add lighting and exhaust fans.
  • If there are no windows in your gym room, add a large flat screen monitor or a wall mural of an outdoor scene, such as a beach or beside a mountain stream.
  • Large wall mirrors will make a small gym room look and feel larger. Mirrors also help you keep the proper posture during workouts.
  • Install a sound system. If on a tight budget, this can be as simple as a boom box. If you’ve got the bucks, add a surround sound system with speakers mounted high on the walls or flush with the walls.
  • Install towel racks and a gym locker, or at least some clothing hooks. If you don’t have specific places for towels and clothing, they will end up on the floor or on gym equipment. Once you start using gym equipment as a hanger, it often becomes just a hanger.
  • Put motivational posters and quotes on the door and/or walls. Unless you are addicted to exercise, you will appreciate any nudge in the right direction.