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by olakos2000

creating a free website

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Creating a website by yourself can be a challenging task. In order to do it, you would need to know software such as Web Studio and Flash. Learning these programs can take up to several months. The easiest and free way to create your own website is to find a web host site that offers website building tools and templates.

 Here are a few tips on how to choose a good webhosting site for your free website:

  • No enforced page advertisement. To make money, many sites that offer free website creating and hosting put paid advertisement on your page as a part of the agreement. You as a web owner can’t control of what type of advertisement will be placed on your page. Advertisement type can vary from something like adaption agency to something of indecent nature. When creating a webpage, you should think about your readers and what they will see on your page.
  • Many types of website templates. Some sites offer only two to three types of free website templates. You should pick a site that offers at least 10 templates. This way, you have more choices to go with, and it shows that the site is thinking about its customers.
  • Provide help to purchase a domain name. Even though some websites offer free web hosting, you still need to purchase a domain name. You should choose a site that works with sites where you can purchase the name.
  • Offer other paid services. By offering paid services in addition to free creation of the web pages means that this site means business. Usually paid services come as a monthly fee and it is around $10. Having a respectful and reliable web host will save you energy, time, and money in the long run.