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by olakos2000

Making a blog

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Blog is an excellent way to express your thoughts and opinions to the public without having face-to-face confrontations. Thousands of people in the US are blogging every day about various issues that are going on in the world.

Blogging is becoming a very popular way to keep friends and relatives updated on the person’s every day activities. Some create blogs about their children and others create blogs to express their views on politics.

As technology progresses, more forms of blogging becomes available for people. The most useable forms of blogging are text blogging and video blogging.

Here are a few ways to create a blog:

  • Website template blogs. There are several websites that offer blog templates for free or for a small monthly/annual fee. Free websites such as blogger.com, thoughts.com, and weblog.com offer basic blog templates that allow people to express and share their thoughts with the world. These blog websites will also allow you to follow your friends’ blogs and will notify you if there are any new changes. If you want to create a little bit fancier blog than what the free blog websites offer, you can sign up for blog website that collects user fee. One of the good blog websites is TypePad.com. The price to use professional look blogs range from $8 to $90 per month. TypePad.com offers a free trial and 3 different types of accounts. It also provides its users with customer support and more than 1000 different professional templates. If you need a blog for your business, TypePad.com is an excellent blog source.  
  • YouTube Video blog. If you want a video blog instead of a traditional blog type, YouTube is a good way to do that. There are millions of people posts their video blogs on YouTube all over the world. To post your video blog to YouTube you need to complete the following steps: 
    • Create a YouTube account.
    • Upload your video blog file to your account. Make sure that your video settings are set for public.