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by alacritous6

What are Tips to Plan Your Own Wedding

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When you are about to plan your own wedding it look everywhere for guidance. If you are wondering what are tips to wedding planning survival, look no further - below you will find guidance to planning your own wedding.

Know what you want before you meet. Do your research online before you contact and meet with vendors. As a rule, meet with no more than 3 vendors in each category to manage your time and keep your sanity: catering, music, stationery, cake baking, etc.

Keep yourself organized. Make a master contact list of vendors and their information for easy access.  Follow a wedding planning calendar to stay on task.  Keeping everything in a wedding binder helps to stay organized.

Use an online gift registry. Online registries are easy for you and easy for the guests. You can select items from the comfort of your own home and guests can purchase gifts without needing to go to the store, and can even have them delivered directly to you.  Online registries keep track of who ordered what to help simplify thank-you notes after the wedding.

Pick at least 3 retailers to use as gift registry. This gives both you and your guests options.  Within the options you should have a more high-end store, an less expensive retailer and a more creative option. For a creative option some people have guests give money to a charity, donate money toward the honeymoon, etc.

Use a wedding website.  Using a website simplifies planning and communication between you and your guests and wedding party. There are many free providers that offer fun and easy templates for wedding websites, check out TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com.   Include the date of the wedding ,travel information, accommodation info for out of town guests, where you are registered for gifts, and anything else the guests might need to know. You can even make it easier for guests to RSVP on the website. You can include the link to the website on invitations.

Ask for help!  Ask people you know to help you out in the planning and actual ceremony and reception. Chances are that you know a person who can video, photograph, help decorate, play music, bake a cake or fit your dress, among other things, helping you to save money and time.