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by jasmineflower56

What Are Some Ideas for Organizing Your Office

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First, clean out junk. Throw away papers you don't need or that are outdated. Remove anything that doesn't belong in your office.

Organize your papers into these categories: things to review, things keep on file, and things to reference. Your review pile will go into an inbox that you will go through every day. Your file pile will go into your file cabinet. Your reference pile will be either filed away or stored in a drawer or on your desk in a folder.

Decide how you will classify your papers and how you will decide what to get rid of and what to keep. With these guidelines in mind, process your papers regularly.

Place pens and pencils into a pen jar. Get rid of those you don't use or need.

Use a whiteboard calendar to writer down notes and deadlines.

Hang up a cork board to post important notices and reminders.

Keep items you use daily in a close, easy-to-reach location.

Store small items - paper clips, rubber bands, etc. – in an open box in a drawer or other place where they will not easily be lost.

Keep electronics off your desk. Store them away unless you are using them.

Keep cleaning supplies nearby and easy-to-reach.

Always keep a scratch notepad or stack of Post-Its on your desk next to the computer and phone.

Unscramble electric wires.

Organize as you work; if you are reviewing a paper that you need to file, file it right away instead of waiting for the end of the day.