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by olakos2000

Cleaning my computer

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Cleaning your computer should be a part of regular computer maintenance. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your computer and eliminate potential problems. It is equally important to clean both inside and outside of the computer as well as perform cleaning of the hard drive.

  • Inside and outside cleaning. Computers tend to collect a lot of dust, especially if they are placed on the floor. Dust can cause computers to overheat, especially during hot summer months. Turn off the computer and unplug it. Open the cover. Without touching any parts of the computer, use compressed gas duster (like Dust-Off) to clean inside of the case. Stay a couple of inches away from any parts and carefully clean the fans, power source, CD-Rom and all other components of the computer. Pay special attention to static electricity. An accidental spark can destroy your whole system. You can use the gas duster to also clean your keyboard. Use wipes to clean outside of the case. To clean monitors, buy special kits that contain soft cloth and anti-static cleaners.
  • Perform hard drive maintenance. As a part of your computer maintenance you should periodically defragment your hard drive, check the drive for errors, and delete temporary files, Internet cookies, Internet history, etc.  To perform these tasks go to All Programs ® Accessories ® System Tools. There you can find Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. To check for and fix hard drive errors go to My Computer, find the hard drive you want to work with. Right click it and choose Properties ® Tools ® Error checking.