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by olakos2000

Make your own CD

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Being able to make your own CDs can help you save on your favorite music. Buying music downloads is a lot cheaper than buying CD albums. Besides, by making your own CD you can choose exactly what kind of song you would like to have on your CD. To make your own CD you need to have a CD-Rom capable of burning and burning software.

  • Check your CD-Rom. Usually, it’s very easy to check whether you CD-Rom is capable of burning CDs—it will say right on it. If it doesn’t, get the model and check on the manufacture’s website. You can get the info on your CD-Rom by going Control Panel ® System ® Hardware ®Device Manager ® DVD/CD –Rom drives.
  • Get the software. The market for CD burning software is huge. Most of the programs will let you work with both CDs and DVDs and give you options for customizing your videos. However, if all you need is to make a CD, you can use Windows Media Player which comes free with your PC. Get the latest version by visiting Windows Update page. To make a CD open the list of songs and then click on “Burn” on the menu bar. A section will appear on your right. Drag the song you would like to have on your CD to this section and click “Start Burn” on the bottom. Insert an empty CD and follow the instructions. The program will analyze the song before burning and will let you know if the content of the songs is too big to fit on the CD. You can adjust your play list.