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by olakos2000

what kind of ram do i have

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RAM (Random Access Memory) is a form of computer memory storage. There are several types of RAM. FPM RAM, or Short Page Memory, is a Dynamic type of memory that makes access of data quicker on the same page or row. This RAM was developed for early computers and overtime was replaced by another type of memory, SDRAM. SDRAM (Synchronized Dynamic Random Access Memory) is the type of memory that works synchronized with memory bus. Most Intel chips and Pentium systems that were purchased since 1999 support SDRAM. EDO RAM (Extended Data Out RAM) is a type of RAM that improves memory reading speed. Early 66 MHz Pentium microprocessors were optimized for EDO RAM. DDR RAM (Double Data Rate RAM) is a type of RAM that transfers data twice per clock cycle unlike SDRAM which doubles the clock rate. Most computers that were manufactured since 2001 adapted DDR RAM due to its fast data transferring rate.


Here are some ways to find out what kind of RAM you have:


  • One way to find out what kind of RAM your computer has is to open up your tower and take the memory stick out from the motherboard. When pulling RAM, you should do it very careful and slow and make sure all holding buttons are released. Also be very careful with static electricity—it can destroy electronic components. Every RAM stick has sticky labels with RAM type and speed. This is the best way to check RAM.
  • Another way to see what kind of RAM your computer has is to download software that would scan and print reports about installed hardware. The software price ranges from $25 to $100. Also you can download it as a free trial version.