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by jasmineflower56

What Are Some Tips for Making a Flyer

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Determine your goal and your message. Do you want people to attend an event, buy a product, use your services?

Look at other professional flyers for ideas. Which catch your eye the most? Which has the clearest design?

Record only the most important info that you need to get across. You won't want to have too much text on your flyer. Just provide the basics and draw attention, then add find-out-more details info at the bottom of the flyer.

Design a head-turning headline and eye-catching graphics. The headline will be what draws customers to look at the flyer. Make your words few but potent. Dispense with the eye-catching graphics if it interferes with clear perception of your message.

After the headline, provide dates and contact info – again, short and to the point.

Proofread before printing. Select quality paper and color ink. Hang the flyers in appropriate locations.