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by alacritous6

What are the best ways of caring for a kitten and keeping your kitten healthy

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Kittens have certain health needs, just like baby humans do. If caring for a kitten and keeping your kitten healthy is important to you, follow these tips.


Vaccinations for your Kitten

When your kitten is 2 months old you should take it to the veterinarian to get its first round of vaccinations. At 4 months you should take your kitten to see the vet again to begin an annual kitten care vaccination program to keep your cat as healthy as possible. Vaccinations help protect your little bundle of fur from feline leukemia, respirator diseases, fly type viruses, feline panleukopenia, feline rabies and other feline illnesses.


Neutering and Spaying your Kitten

When your kitten reaches the 6 months of age you should get it spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering are completely safe and painless for your kitten – it will return home to you within a day or so completely fine. Spaying or neutering is important for your kitten’s health and to reduce the risk of having homeless kittens in the future.


Neutering male kittens helps reduce escape due to the need to procreate, and your cat will be less territorial meaning he will suffer less injuries from other cats. He also won’t spray his urine everywhere and on everything. Spaying female cats reduces the risk that she will get mammary cancer and have uterine infections in the future.


If you wish to have more kittens, adopt ones that have already been born and need a good home. There are plenty of shelters that rescue homeless kittens that need homes.