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by alacritous6

What is Safely Caring for a Kitten at Home?

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It is important to have a safe environment when you have a kitten at home. What is safely caring for a kitten at home you ask? The following tips will keep your kitten safe and healthy!


Keep your kitten away from harmful chemicals.

Put all cleaning products away from your kitten's reach in inaccessible cupboards. Keep rat and rodent poisoning, anti freeze, human medications and anything else that may contain dangerous ingredients away from your kitten. After you have mopped the floors and shampooed carpets it is important to make sure they are dry before you allow a kitten to walk on them again.


Protect your kitten from fleas and ticks.

If your kitten is allowed out doors make sure to protect against fleas and ticks that may hide in your kitten’s coat. I suggest using flea and tick powder and sprays that specifically say they are safe for kittens. Dog flea and tick repellent is not safe for cats. Do not use the feline flea and tick collars since they can easily get caught on things and choke your kitten as they are a strangulation hazard.


Don't give your kitten dangerous toys.

Just as you would keep small and sharp toys from a human baby, you should keep dangerous toys away from kittens. A kitten can easily choke on small toys and coins, and can hurt and cut themselves on sharp plastic and metal pieces like coke bottles. Toys with long strings can easily get caught around your kitten and strangulate or cut off blood circulation.