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by alacritous6

What is Feeding and Caring for your Kitten

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You want your cute little bundle of joy to grow up happy and healthy, full of life and love. If you are wondering what is the best way of feeding when caring for a kitten, look no further. You’ll find all the detail you need right here.

Earlier than 5 weeks of age…

Kittens are nursed by their mothers through their 5th week in life, if a mother cat is unavailable you must bottle feed your kitten. Feed an infant kitten warm commercial kitten milk 9 to 12 times a day, generally every 2 hours. The kitten should be laying face down on your lap with its head down while it drinks to avoid aspirating the lungs.

At 5 weeks of age and old…

When your kitten reaches 5 weeks of age you can begin to introduce soft kitten food 4 times a day. Slowly replace milk with water in the diet. Teach your kitten to sip water from a bowl. Your kitten should always have fresh water available and should be offered kitten food at least 4 times a day. At 6 months of age kittens should be eating 3 meals a day.

If your kitten does have a mother cat, provide the mother cat with dry kitten food to eat so that the kittens receive the proper nutrients in the mother’s milk. The kittens will begin eating dry food by following the example of their mother.

More kitten feeding details:

Never offer your kitten cow’s milk; it causes severe diarrhea and intestinal problems. If your kitten does not like kitten food you can try offering it baby food mixed with warm water. Slowly add the kitten food to the baby food over time to introduce your kitten to cat food.