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by coureurdebois

Tips on making a harvest time maze

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Finding your way through and out of a harvest time maze – whether large or small – is a family activity that competes with picking out a pumpkin and trick-or-treating for must-do fall tradition status.

If you’re on the maze creation side of this tradition, you may actually have more fun than those who try to solve the maze.

walking through a corn maze
walking through a corn maze

  • Plant a maze crop in the spring. If you plant in rows, plant seeds close together. Broadcast seeding will give you more maze trail options, since you are not limited by the spaces between rows.
  • Maze crop options: corn, sunflowers, sorghum – anything that grows tall in one season. You can plant also more than one crop in your maze field.
  • If you don’t have a maze crop, there are many structural options: straw bales, snow fence, wood pallets, plywood, rolls of plastic, tarps, large wooden spools – anything that rain won’t dissolve, and that comes in portable sections.
  • Mazes made from crops will usually need structural materials to frame, repair, and tweak the maze – or to help guide and inform patrons.
  • Protect patrons from sharp points and edges. Watch for tripping hazards.
  • Plan your maze design on paper to scale. You don’t want to start cutting plants or putting in posts without a plan.
  • Along your maze trails, entertain patrons with humorous or witty signs, entertainment stations, farm animal cutouts, large pumpkins, seasonally clad mannequins, and living scarecrows or other farm- and harvest-related characters.
  • Patrol your maze regularly to look for areas that need repair or cleaning.
  • Keep your maze colorful, clean, and safe.