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by alacritous6

What is a Wedding Calendar - Plan Your Wedding

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If you are starting to plan your wedding, it is best to use a wedding calendar to help keep you on track. What is a wedding calendar that would be good to follow? The outline calendar below will help you plan your wedding the right way:

16 - 9 months before the wedding:

  • Start your search! Go through magazines and websites and tear and print out anything and everything that you like. Don't limit your search to bridal magazines, look through food, design, gardening, fashion and lifestyle magazines for inspiration as well!  Put scraps into a bridal/ wedding planning binder.
  • Figure out your budget. Know how much money you will be able to spend on your Big Day, talk to your parents and if you haven't already, start saving!
  • Create your wedding party. Decide on bridesmaids and groomsmen, a maid or matron of honor and best man.
  • Decide how many guests you can afford at your wedding. It helps to start a guest list data base before you begin to invite people. Have columns for guest contact information, RSVP, gifts and other information.
  • Book your wedding date and venues. Decide if you want to have your ceremony and reception at the same or different locations.
  • Research your photographer, band, florist and catering options. 


8 months before the wedding:

  • Purchase your dress!  This gives you enough time for the dress to be made (if you purchased a custom made dress) and for the necessary fittings up until the wedding.
  • Plan and book your reception entertainment.
  • Start looking for a caterer, and hire one either this month or the next.
  • Book your videographer and photographer.
  • Plan accommodations for out of town guests.
  • Sign up for gift registry for at least 3 stores - it is important to do so before bridal showers and engagement parties, since people will use gift registries for these presents as well.
  • Launch a website for your wedding. Free and fun wedding websites are available through TheKnot.com.


7 to 6 months before the wedding:

  • Select and purchase or make your invitations. 
  • Send save-the-date cards to your guests.
  • Begin looking for bridesmaid dresses!
  • Order tuxedos for the groomsmen.
  • Start getting together the official documents needed for the marriage certificate.
  • Book a florist.
  •  Arrange transportation for you and the groom, the wedding party and out of town guests.
  • Make a wedding day schedule, arrange what will happen and when during the ceremony and reception.


5 to 4 months before the wedding:

  • Plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, book the necessary rehearsal dinner venues.
  • Check on the invitations, make sure they are to your liking.
  • Choose a wedding cake and order it.
  • Have the wedding hosts plan a wedding shower.
  • Begin dress fittings and select shoes to wear.
  • Begin choosing hair dues and makeup styles.
  • Select songs to play during the ceremony and reception.


3 months before the wedding:

  • Purchase the wedding rings!
  • Have the menu and flower arrangements finalized.
  • Decide on and order wedding favors to give guests.
  • Select gifts for the wedding party.
  • Ask people to give toasts.
  • Decide on readings during the ceremony.
  • Finalize the order of the ceremony and reception, print copies to give to the bridal party and the vendors. Ask for feedback.
  • Make programs for the wedding and print name cards and the menus.


2 months before the wedding:

  • Set a meeting with the photographer to discuss certain shots you desire.
  • Review the playlist for your ceremony and reception, have the band send you samples of the songs they plan on playing.
  • Send out the invitations to your guests.
  • Talk to the vendors and make sure they understand the wedding program and the order of things.
  • Plan bachelorette and bachelor's parties. The best man and maid of honor should be in charge of throwing these.

1 month before the wedding:

  • Log guest RSVP's into the guest database you made.
  • Order your marriage license in advance, the process can take a few days and you want to give ample enough time to clear any hiccups in the process.
  • Invite people to the rehearsal dinner.
  • Have your last dress fitting.
  • Plan seating arrangements.
  • Choose your vows.
  • Cut and color your hair.


The week of the wedding:

  • Call all the vendors and reconfirm their arrival times.
  • Arrange for the dress to be delivered or picked up.
  • Set aside envelopes with payments to hand the vendors on the wedding day. Maybe ask someone in the bridal party to be in charge of handing out payments.  Remember to include tips!
  • Set aside time to relax and revamp - get a manicure and pedicure, hit the spa for a massage, relax in the hot tub.
  • Pack your bags for your honeymoon!