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by alacritous6

What is the Best Wedding Flower Idea

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Floral arrangements are traditionally used at wedding ceremonies, receptions and on the bridal party. Flowers can set the mood and color scheme of a wedding. If you are wondering what is the best wedding flower idea for your ceremony, the following tips will help you decide!



Complement and create your wedding style. 

 You should chose flowers based on the style of your wedding. Brighter flower colors and dynamic flower shapes give a more informal feel to a wedding ceremony. Muted colors and simple flower shapes give a wedding a more formal look and feel.


Pick your color scheme.

You want to use flowers that create a color scheme for your wedding and compliment the colors at your venue. Consider the lighting at the venue during the time of the wedding before you chose your flower colors. Pale colors tend to wash out in the sunlight, for example. As a general rule you should use warm colors (red, orange, yellow) for venues where there will be low lighting and cool floral colors (blue, purple, green) when there will be lots of light at the venue.  For more help on choosing a color scheme check out www.colorschemer.com and www.colourlovers.com.


Decorate with symbolic meaning.

 Using flowers with a symbolic meaning can add texture and feel to your wedding.  You can include a short description of the meaning behind your flower choices in your wedding program for the guests to read.  You can research the symbolic meaning of various flowers on websites like www.meaning-of-flowers.com and http://tokenz.com/meaning-of-flowers.html.


Pick a florally appropriate time to get married.

 There are certain times where it is cheaper to buy flowers, like during non-holiday seasons. Supply and demand can make flowers very pricy, particularly during Mother's Day and Valentines Day.  If you know you want a specific flower in your wedding, get married at a time in the year when these flowers can grow locally - meaning they will cost less and be more available.