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by olakos2000

what kind of video card do i have

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Every computer has a video card. Video card is a device that allows a picture images to be projected onto your screen. Many cards come with add-on features such as 2-3D graphics, TV-tuner adapter, TV output, and multiple display capability. The price of the video card ranges from $50 to over $300 depending upon its memory space, speed, and add-on features.


Here is a way to find out how to what kind of video card is in your computer:


  • Click on Start® Control Panel. Find system icon. Click on System.
  • On your left, under Tasks, find Device Manager and open it
  • “Device Manager” window will give a list of every device, controller, and adapter. Click on Display adapters to see your Video card name.
  • Double-click on your video card to open the video card properties.


In video card properties, you can see general information, driver information, video card details and resources. General information shows you the video card manufacturer and its status. Video card resources option provides you with the list of resource types and their settings. When driver gets corrupted, video card properties have options where you can uninstall and update the driver. Also, by clicking on driver file details, you can see all the driver supportive files and their locations.   


You can also use free software like Everest home edition 2.20 that scans your system and gives detail information about every part of your computer.