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by alacritous6

What is the Best Wedding Gift Idea

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While following the traditional route and purchasing gifts off a couple's wedding gift registry is always appreciated, there are other ways to favor a couple on their wedding day.  Wondering what is the best wedding gift idea that stems beyond the gift registry? The following 4 ideas will be sure to top the newly married couple's present pile.


Offer to contribute to their honeymoon. Contribute to the couple's honeymoon memories by helping them afford their trip.  With a little extra cash the couple may be able to stay an extra few nights, actually stay in the honeymoon suite, or enjoy more excursions at their destination of choice. You can either speak to the couple before the wedding or hand the groom a check at the reception, either way contributing to the honeymoon is a definite pleaser!


Offer to help with the wedding. Provide a free service for the couple that they otherwise would have to pay for. Utilize your talents and connections, options are boundless.  You could offer to help bake the cake, provide the catering, be the DJ or entertainer, provide the flowers, do the photography or video the ceremony, or do the dress fittings.  A definite favorite is having a side show video put together with pictures of the bride and groom, showing their journey to one another. You know what you're good at, find a way to help them out!


Give a bundle of cash. Helping a newly married couple out financially is a great wedding gift. It's guaranteed that a newly married couple will be saving for something in the future, whether it be a car payment, house down payment, or simply trying to pay off school loans. If just signing over a check seems too impersonal, attach the check to a small gift.


Purchase an expensive item off the registry. Most couples don't ever expect to receive the more expensive gifts on their registries. If you have the money, surprise them by buying them their dream gift that they never expected to receive. Or organize a group of guests to pull together and buy a more expensive gift for the couple.  This way your gift is sure to be the favorite!