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by alacritous6

What is the Best Wedding Venue

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Your wedding location should be first on your to do list when planning a wedding since it sets the mood, determines how many guests you can invite and can take up most of the budget. If you are wondering what is the best wedding venue for your Big Day, read on to find out!


Church Weddings

Getting married in a house of worship is elegant and traditional. Like all wedding venues, it is important to book your location as early as possible before the church is booked out by another eager bride. You can find many beautiful churches and temples in your area. These websites are search engines for houses of worship near you:



Backyard Weddings

Using your own backyard as a wedding venue is charming and allows for decorative creativity. You can do what you want with flowers, theme, layout and lighting without having to worry about venue rules and restrictions. Keep in mind that while you are saving money by not renting a commercial venue, you do have to rent more equipment (tents, tables, chairs, linens, silverware, parking permits, alcohol and noise licenses) in order to host a backyard wedding. 


Destination Weddings

Sometimes you just need a vacation, and your wedding can be just the excuse. Getting married in a favorite location and inviting a small group of guests to join you will be a holiday to remember. Be sure to check the wedding license requirements in the state or country you plan to get married in before booking your trip. This way you can be sure to get the necessary paperwork in order before the wedding.  The following websites can help you plan your destination wedding:


Unique Location Weddings

Getting married in a museum, hotel, restaurant, at a historical monument, in a cheery park, on a beautiful beach or at some other fantastical place with a gorgeous view is becoming more and more popular.  If you have a favorite spot contact  management and ask if they host weddings. For some ideas on fun wedding venues in your area check out these websites: