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by jessirae

craft room ideas

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Have you decided to turn your a spare room into a storage/workspace for the craft and hobby supplies that are taking over the rest of the house? Here are some great organizational tips to help you get started.

Measure Your Workspace

Put thought into what you use for your workspace. What kind of craft will you be creating in this room? If you want a table for measuring and cutting fabric, you will clearly need more space than if you built model cars.

Knowing your work habits will also help you determine your needs for a workspace. Do you usually sit at a table, stand at a counter, or prefer to use a high bar stool? If your desk area is too small, will past or pending projects crowd into current ones, making work impossible?

Use Plenty of Clear Bins

The biggest problem facing hobbyist and crafters when designing a work-area is efficient use of storage space. Invest in plenty of stackable storage bins, preferably clear ones, so that you know what's inside them without having to rummage through each one.

Keep separate items separate. Just because their is room in the top of one of your drawers or bins does not mean you should fill it with something completely unrelated to the rest of the contents. Keeping your yarn, fabric, paper and other supplies separated will help keep everything neat and organized.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Keeping paintbrushes, scissors, yardsticks, crafting knives and other implements within arms reach is handy while you're working, and keeps them from getting lost on your workspace when they are not being used. Using pegboard on a portion of your wall will allow you to arrange and re-arrange items as needed.

Spools of thread are difficult to gain access to if they are stored in a drawer or a bin. A wall-mounted thread rack will give you quicker, easier access to all of your spools of thread. You can use a wall-mounted rack to store other items like paint tubes, embossing powder, or jars of buttons and beads.

Be Okay With a Little Bit of Mess

While you want things in your craft room to be organized and easily accessible, remember that you're turning this room into a work-space. You may always have two or three projects going at a time, and the counter may not always be perfectly neat. Set a couple of baskets on the floor or on your table to house "in process" projects that are not easily cleaned up when you are not working on them.