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by olakos2000

What kind of motherboard do i have

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Motherboard is one of the most important parts in a computer. It is a primary circuit board that contains almost all of the computer’s basic components such as memory slots, microprocessors, external ports, video card, and micro-chips. All external computer components are also connected to motherboard such as hard drive, USB ports, DVD/CD drives, keyboard, and mouse.

Here are a few ways to find information about your motherboard:

  • The easiest way to find information about your motherboard is to open up the tower of your computer and to look at your motherboard directly. The serial number and a part number will be stamped in the middle of your board. If you go online with this information, you can find data such manufacturer, release date, compatibility with other components, and etc.
  • Another way to gather a serial number and a part number is to download software that scans for hardware information. There are several free programs that you can download online. For example, Everest home edition 2.20 is free software that scans and diagnosis hardware and software installed on your computer. It provides you with features such as online tools, memory benchmarks, and hardware monitoring. Another free software that you can use to scan your hardware is Belarc Advisor. It is a personal PC audit program that creates a detailed profile of your PC installed software and hardware. It uses web-browser to display the results. Belarc advisor is a safe choice and it doesn’t send any of your information to anywhere on the web.