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by coureurdebois

Tips for keeping warm at a football game

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Football is supposed to be played in the cold, the mud, and the snow. Leave the Astroturf for fair weather fans.

So you may find yourself freezing in the bleachers. Here’s the game plan.

  • Baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil make great hand and body warmers. And once they cool down, you can eat them for inner fuel.
  • Use thermal socks and insulated pack boots for the coldest games. If you use electric socks, bring extra batteries.
  • Use wool gloves or warm dress gloves for moderate weather, then switch to large mittens when the season is well underway.
  • Dress like you’re going snowmobiling. You can always strip down if things get hot.
  • But if you want to dress more classy, start with your thermal underwear (under armour is great) then add wool dress pants and a warm sweater or sweat shirt. Top it off with a long car coat and a Vince Lombardi fedora hat.
  • Warm your bottom with a heated stadium seat. A cheaper option is a piece of Styrofoam or an old pillow or folded blanket.
  • Always bring a wool blanket, a rain poncho, and an umbrella.
  • Sip warm or hot liquids, and feast on bratwurst wrapped in warmed buns.
  • Yell and do the wave frequently.