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by olakos2000

Open zip file

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Zipped files are compressed files. The obvious benefit of zipped files is that they use less space and can be sent much faster than regular files. You can identify compressed files by a distinct zipper on the folder that contains compresse d files and “.zip” extension. To see the content of the folder, double click on it. If the folder has a number of independent files, you don’t need to do anything special to open them. Double-click the file like you would any regular file.

If the zipped files are a part of a package, you need to unzip the files. Double-click on the folder. Click “Extract all Files”. The location of “Extract all Files” option varies, depending on the operating system that you use. Extraction wizard will open. Click “next” button to proceed. In the next window you can specify the location or the extracted files. If the files are protected, you will have to enter the password. Once, unzipped, the Windows will automatically take you to the location of the files.

To get the most use out of zip files or, if your computer has an operating system older than Windows ME, you can download a number of third-party zip utility programs. They are available for free (like WinZip), as a free trial, or can be purchased for a reasonable fee. These programs offer a lot of additional options (like self-extracting archiving) for both zipping and unzipping files.