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by olakos2000

Make windows xp faster

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The easiest way to keep your computer run at its best is to perform regular maintenance. Although you can make your system faster by spending some money on upgrades (like adding more RAM memory), so me tools come for free with your computer.

  • Clean up the hard disk. Regular clean up frees the space on your hard drive. Go to “Control Panel”. Make sure it is in Category View; if not, the switch is in the left upper corner of the window. Go to “Performance and Maintenance”®Free up space on your hard disk. You can also access this option from All Programs ® Accessories ® System Tools ® Disk Clean up. Follow the instructions.
  • Defragment the hard disk. Fragmented hard disk is one of the main reasons Windows start running slower. Fragmentation happens when you install new and delete old programs, empty Recycle Bin, move files, copy, paste, etc. It takes longer for the hard drive to locate all the pieces of an existing program. To defragment, go to All Programs ® Accessories ® System Tools ® Disk Defragmenter. Perform this maintenance on a regular basis.
  • Check the disk for errors. This option allows you to check the integrity of your disk and automatically fix any errors. Go to “My Computer”. Select the hard you want to fix (usually it is C :). Right click on it and choose Properties. Select “Tools” tab and click on “Error Checking.” Select “Automatically fix system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” options.