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by olakos2000

Windows xp file sharing

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Windows XP usually enables file sharing by default. To check if file sharing is enabled on your computer (or to disable the option) go to Control Panel ®Folder Options®View. If your control panel is in “Category view”, select Appearance and Themes first and then go to Folder options. Scroll down to the very last option “Use simple file sharing” and make sure that it is checked.

You can share a specific file through a local sharing (sharing a folder with the users on the same computer) or a network sharing (sharing a folder with the users on the same network). Remember that simple file sharing doesn’t allow you to specify which users can access your folder; once shared, it’s available for everyone. The security tab is also not available with simple sharing.  

To share files, create a folder for that file (you can share folders, not separate files). Right click on the folder and either choose “Sharing and Security” option or “Properties” option and then “Sharing” tab. Local sharing option allows you to make the folder private by checking the “Make it private “checkbox. To share the folder, drag it to the Shared Documents folder. For network sharing, check “Share this folder on the network” option. You also have an option of allowing users change your files. Sometimes, Windows XP disables the remote access to your computer. To enable network sharing, run Network Setup Wizard. The shortcut to this option is available right inside the network sharing box.