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by olakos2000

Video editing tips

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Editing videos can be a challenging task which depends on your skill to visualize what you want from your video. Choosing the right video editing software will help you reach your goals while providing a pleasant video editing experience. Almost any software will do the simple editing. The hard part is actually editing.

Here are a few video editing tips that make editing a little easier:

  • Plan ahead. Like any other project, video editing requires some initial planning. It is always a good idea to watch your video clips first, in order to refresh your memory and to start generating some ideas. You should make a plan on paper of the clip sequences and where you want special effects to appear. Remember – planning is a key to a successful video.    
  • Title at the beginning. Having a title at the beginning of your video will make you video more sophisticated and professional. The viewers want to see upfront what the video is all about, and having a title is a perfect way to do that.
  • Credits at the end. It is always a good idea to have credits at the end of your video. You want the viewers to know who created and edited the watched video. Even if you are making a video for your family, you would want your family to acknowledge your hard work.
  • Transitions.  Transitions are a good tool to use when you are connecting two clips together. Using transitions will make your video coherent and smooth. All video editing software offers a transition feature where you can choose many different types of transition effects. The most popular transition effect is the zoom effect.  
  • Slow motion with music. Another cool effect to have in your video is to have a couple of clips where you have slow motion actions with music. By implementing this effect, your viewers will be greatly impressed. Also, this effect makes a video much more memorable.