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by olakos2000

Protect your network

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Protecting your network should be a top priority for everyone using Internet. Hackers are preying on people who don’t secure their computers and networks. Through unsecure network hackers can steal not just personal information such as name, bank account information, and e-mail, but also documents that are stored on your computer.

Here are a few tips on what you should do to protect your network:   

  • Set up passwords. Password is the basic tool that should be used when you set up your network whether it is wireless or cable. This tool will assure that other people won’t use your internet signal. Also password is a barrier for hackers to access your personal information on your computer.
  • Set up network that only your computer can access.  Setting up network that only your computer can recognize is an excellent way to keep unwanted visitors out. Every computer has its own identification number called IP. When configuring you network, you should tide your network connection to your computer IP number, so that only this IP can access the network.
  • Install network firewall. Installing network firewall on your home computer is another great way to secure your network. It is strongly recommended by computer technicians to install some firewall software such Personal Firewall software package, Microsoft Windows Firewall, and Two-Way Third-Party Firewall Software. Firewall blocks malware that scans your computer for vulnerabilities. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities to extract your personal information or to put viruses and malware on your computer.  
  • Install virus protection software. It is not enough to have Network Firewall software to secure your network. You also should have all Virus protection software up-to-date. Almost all antivirus software support automatic updates. You should turn this feature on. If you can’t effort virus protection software, you can download one for free. There are many vendors that promote their products by distributing a free version of their software.