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by Muzora

What Is The Best Way To Find Break Dancing Lessons

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Learning authentic break dancing moves will impress your friends and earn you respect at the next dance party you attend. Check out these tips for how to find break dancing lessons and perfect the moves:


  • Research

Research all the dance studios in your area to find out which ones offer break dancing classes. Read online reviews on yelp.com to see if the dance studio is rated high or is decently priced. Also try to search for break-dancing groups on meetup.com that teach classes. Ask your dancer friends if they recommend a particular teacher or dance studio.


  • Online Classes

You can take online break dancing classes if you want to learn moves in the comfort of your own home. Search youtube.com for expert videos that teach basic moves (you might have to weed through some junk videos). Expertvillage.com and mindbites.com also offer great step-by-step instructional videos for break dancing. The advantage of taking online classes is that you can pause the video in order to get the move completely down before you move on to the next move. This will keep you from looking sloppy once you put the moves together in sequence.


  • Build Up Your Cardio

Break dancing will definitely make you break a sweat. Make sure to build up your cardio before taking classes if you are out of shape. Hit the treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike to get your body in shape. Break dancing moves also require a great deal of upper body strength and the ability to hold your body stationary in particular poses. Build up your core strength by doing sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and pull-ups.


  • Stretch

Like all dance forms, it is extremely important to thoroughly stretch before beginning your break dancing lesson. Break dancing requires you to contort your body in a great deal of ways. Your goal is to give your body the dexterity it needs to pull off the acrobatic moves that are so characteristic to break dancing.