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by Muzora

What Is The Best Way To Design A Poster For School

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Designing the right poster will catch your peers’ attention and give your cause a great deal of visibility at school. Check out these tips on how to design a poster for school purposes:


  • Research

Look at magazines, billboards, and movie posters to get ideas for your poster. You may not have the means to create a poster that is as detailed as a professional advertisement, but you can look to these to find basic ideas for a layout. Look online for old-fashioned advertisements (Coca-Cola, vintage French posters). Find inspiration in designs that people are familiar with.


  • Sketch Out

Do a rough sketch of what you want your poster to look like on a piece of scratch paper. Section the areas that you will use for the title, pictures, graphs, tag lines, and other info you plan to include. Write in as much of the info as you can to see how the sections balance out on the poster. Determine the information you need and cut out the content you don’t need.


  • Create

Make the title of your poster straightforward but catchy. Think of a creative font to use that is still easy to read (a iron-brand, stitched e.g.). Play around with Adobe Photoshop to see the font designs you can come up with. Look up pictures/illustrations you want to add to the poster and type out the text on a word processor. Be mindful of the color combinations and make sure the text will be readable (no yellow text). Ideally, you want to create a color scheme that makes the title and text stand out from the background.


  • Paste

Print out the title, text, and illustrations. Glue them to the poster/foam board following the original design you sketched out. It is best to use a glue stick to avoid wrinkles. Consider buying butcher/wrapping paper if you want a particular color for the background of the poster. Lay the poster out flat to let it dry and to prevent creases.