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by TeraFaye

Tips on Trimming your Dog's Nails

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Cutting your dog’s toe nails is an important part of his health and regular maintenance.  Long nails can become painfully ingrown as well as cause your dog traction problems. Here are a few tips that I have picked up on trimming dog’s nails.

Use Proper Clippers

Purchase a nail clipper designed to trim dog's nails. Your veterinarian or local pet shop owner can help you choose which size is best for your dog. Never use clippers designed for human or cat nails on your dog as this could cause serious injury to the nail.

Cutting the Nail

A dog's nails should just touch the floor when he is standing or walking. Cut a little of the nail off at a time to make sure you don't cut too short.  Stop cutting when you see pink tissue at the cut line.

Don’t forget to trim the dewclaw on the inside of your dog's leg. It can be easy to over look and become sharp since it doesn’t hit the ground and wear down as easily.

Don’t cut too deep

Be careful not to cut into the nerves and blood vessels of the quick. The quick is the pink, red, or darker colored part of the nail coming out from the toe.

 Stop Bleeding Nails

In the case that you do cut the nail too deep and cause bleeding it is a good idea to keep cornstarch or styptic powder on hand when trimming your dog’s nail.  Apply pressure with cornstarch or styptic powder to the nail to stop the bleeding.

Reward your Dog

Don't forget to give your a dog a treat and tell him he is a good boy after you are done trimming his nails. If he knows he is rewarded for behaving the nail trimming process will go much smoother next time.

Trim Regularly

If you trim your dog’s nails one or two times a month the quick will not lengthen and trimming will be easier. If you have not trimmed your dog’s nails in a long time ask your local veterinarian to do it the first time because the quick will be very long.