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by tpgutshall

How to Twitter

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Ever heard the term "tweet" and wonder what everyone is talking about?  They are talking about the social networking site "Twitter."  Long story short (literally) this is a web page full of personal status updates under 140 characters. 

Twitter is designed to work on your computer or mobile phone.  There are a handful of computer programs that you can download that will improve your Twitter experience.  You can also update Twitter through your Facebook status.

In order to get started, visit Twitter.com.  For best results, use your real name with signing up, that way people can find you.  Also, upload a picture of yourself.  You can protect your updates so only people that you allow to follow your updates will be able to see what you post.  Now that you have a twitter account, share your user name with your friends!

Through the twitter website, you can set up mobile updates.  Just select Settings and it will give you step by step directions on how to use your phone and SMS text messaging to update your Twitter account.

You can send a Twitter message or "Tweet" from any of your registered devices.  From the web page, just simply enter in a message at the top of your screen.  You can also send an IM on AOL or send a text message to 40404.

In order to add friends, or followers, go to the web, find their Twitter page and hit Add.  If they are protecting their updates, they will have to approve you first before you start to see their tweets. 

The number of followers you have is the number of people paying attention to your Tweets.  The number of friends you have are the people that you are following.

And there you go!  Here are the very basic steps on setting up and understanding Twitter!