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by coureurdebois

Bodybuilding safety tips

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These basic bodybuilding safety tips will help keep your workouts safe, so you can continue to work towards your fitness goals without interruption from an injury.

As with any athletic activity, safety guidelines need to be followed so that you can stay at the gym and out of the doctor's office.


  • Always wear appropriate workout clothing. Restrictive clothing, such as jeans, will not allow your entire body full range of motion. And ripped clothing could possibly catch on workout equipment.
  • Be sure to follow the posted gym rules. Ask a trainer or staff member at the gym about exercises or equipment that you aren't familiar with.
  • Know your limits and never lift without a spotter. Serious injury equals serious setback. By pushing yourself safely, you can reach your bodybuilding goals.
  • Pay attention at all times when you are at the gym. Never walk too close to someone who is doing a set, and watch out for gym members who may not be paying attention and may walk into you when you are lifting.
  • Watch for tripping hazards. For example, keep an eye on your athletic shoelaces so that they don't trip you up.
  • When you are done with your weights, put them back where they belong. Other people can hurt themselves trying to remove your weights if they are too heavy.