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by tpgutshall

How to Handle Wedding Day Stress

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Your mother wants this.  Your mother in law wants that.  Your groom does not want it at all.  This is enough to make you want to call off the wedding all together!  Here are a few tips in order to help alleviate wedding planning stress.

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner. They can alleviate doubts, answer questions, and avoid potential pitfalls that occur when inexperienced couples attempt to negotiate with vendors but without wedding industry knowledge. 
  • Start an exercise program or join a yoga class. This also helps to relieve stress and will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep. 
  • Enjoy lunch and a spa day with a friend. 
  • Organize your kitchen cabinets or a photo album. Clean out your clothes closet and donate items you aren’t wearing. These projects will distract you while helping you prepare for moving or other changes to come.
  • Being reasonably well-organized in your approach to the wedding also helps keep stress in check. Set up time lines and plan ahead.  
  • Have date night with your fiancé and make a point of talking about something other than the wedding. Go window-shopping. Enjoy a movie with friends.
  • Practice relaxation and breathing techniques in the weeks before the wedding. If you feel yourself becoming anxious during the wedding day, breathe deeply, fully inhaling and exhaling, to calm yourself.