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by tpgutshall

What Every Bride Needs on her Wedding Day

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So many things can happen on your wedding day - and you do not want some minor detail to get in the way!  Be sure to pack these ten items and you will  be prepared for anything on your big day!

1. Comfortable shoes: One of the most essential bride must-haves is comfortable shoes. If you are determined to wear those beautiful four inch heels, be sure to bring along a pair of cute flip flops or flats for the reception.  Also, be sure to wear around your wedding shoes a few times before the wedding to break them in - believe me, you will be glad that you did.

2. Breathable gown: Much like your shoes, one of the best bride must-haves is a wedding dress that moves with you. A constricting dress will make you cringe as much as those shoes do, and tugging and jerking the fabric will damage it, not to mention alert everyone to the fact that you're extremely uncomfortable.

3. Waterproof mascara: You'll be heartbroken when you see your mascara making bee lines all over your face. Be sure to wear waterproof mascara to prevent any streaking during your big day!

4. Long-lasting lipstick:  Before deciding on one brand or color, try it out for awhile. Wear it while doing all the things you normally do to see if it has the possibility of fading, smudging, or smearing. And make sure you pack the tube of lipstick in your 'bride must-haves' bag!

5. Durable antiperspirant: You want to stay clean, fresh, and sweet-smelling throughout the ceremony and reception, and one of the many wedding tips that experts suggest is to use long-lasting antiperspirant.

6. Small compact mirror: Throughout the ceremony and reception, you'll be relieved that you had your little compact mirror on hand. You can quickly check for makeup smudges and reapply as needed or see if any food particles have become lodged in visible places.

7. Aspirin or Ibuprofen: Headaches happen. And so do aching limbs - usually at the most inopportune times. Even if you don't need it, someone else just might.

8. Stain removal pen: For quick removal of a tiny, but noticeable stain, however, these pens are a god-send.

9. Hairbrush/comb: Purchase a fold-up brush, which is ideal for a small purse with precious space. A quick dab of lipstick and one or two brushes through your hair will have you ready to meet and greet with guests.

10. Emery board: There is nothing more annoying than a jagged nail. Keep your freshly manicured fingers looking lovely by taking a quick swipe of the nail file across it should one break or chip.