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by jasmineflower56

Camping in the Rain

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There's no need to pack up and go home when it rains on your camp. Simply be prepared and stick it out, and you'll have a memorable camping experience.

Bring waterproof tents. Make sure any mosquito net fabric can be covered up. Check out Seam Seal to strengthen the tent seams. Set up the tents on flat, high ground, so that a puddle won't form underneath. Place a tarp underneath the tent before setting up.

Bring extra clothes. Then you'll be more likely to have dry clothes to change into if you get soaked and need to dry the clothes on your back over the fire.

Bring a lightweight rain jacket and other rain gear. Check out Gore-Tex rain suits; see if you can get a discount on these, for they can be expensive. There are also Marmot Oracle jackets, Tilley rain hats, O2 rain wear from www.rainshield.com, and waterproof rain ponchos from Magellan.com.

Set up a tarp over the tent so that the rain can slide to the ground.

Store small things in plastic bags for waterproof storage. Line bags with a plastic trash bag to keep the things inside dry.

Use waterproof backpacks, such as from Pacific Outdoor Equipment or Mountainsmith.

When rain is coming, place everything in the tent away from the sides and pile in the middle, so that rain will not soak through onto your stuff.

To prevent condensation within the tent, make sure there is ventilation, such as an open window beneath a place where the tarp is over the tent.

Consider packing quick-dry towels as well to soak up any dampness within the tent.

Make the most of it! Spending the day in a rainy forest can be quite delightful.