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by TeraFaye

Tips on Making a Good Sandwich

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A good sandwich is hard to come by these days. Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, your favorite meat, the best and freshest bread and all the extra toppings and trimmings! Mmmmm…. Sounds delicious! But how do you make it? Follow these simple steps:

a well made sandwich
a well made sandwich
Crusty Bread

I have found that crusty bread is the best when making a sandwich.  Condiments, tomato juices, tuna and other moist fillings otherwise make sliced bread soggy and unappetizing.


It is best to put mustard and mayonnaise and other condiments on opposite sides of the sandwich.  This way flavors stay separated and hit your mouth with more of a bang.  I've found that adding olive oil or vinaigrette instead of mayo is a healthy, flavorful alternative.


Using hard, aged cheese is the better choice for sandwiches. Soft cheese melts and disintegrates into the bread, lettuce and tomatoes quickly and can become soggy.


Choosing well cured meats is the best option for sandwiches. Prosciutto, Serrano ham, salami and bacon are great choices. You can cook the meets yourself in the oven to make sure they are crispy and to remove unneeded fats.  Tuna is also a great choice.

Additional Additions

Lettuce wilts fairly quickly in a sandwich and can become soggy and brown. In order to get the crisp taste and texture you want, spinach leaves work wonderfully. 

Thinly sliced tomatoes add flavor and zing to any sandwich. Other toppings include olives, onions, peppers and mushrooms.  Sprinkling pepper over the sandwich is also a favorite of mine.  The beauty of sandwich making is that you can personalize it with toppings that you like and skip the ones you don't!