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by mccashin

What To Do If You Lose Your Cell Phone

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First things first: think.

Where did you have your cell phone last? If it was in your house and you haven't left, well, nothing to worry about.  Better yet, if you think the phone was on, call it from your house phone or have someone call your cell so you can follow that ring tone to the source.

  • If that doesn't work, well, then you should call your cell phone company, so some less-than-ethical dubie doesn't run up your bill. Let your provider know you can't find your phone, but tell them not to cancel your service just yet. Have them deactivate your phone while you continue your search.
  • Now that your phone can't be used, think again. Where have you been since you last saw or used your phone? Call those places or businesses where your phone might be and ask if it's in their lost-and-found or, if you can give them a specific location where you sat or shopped, perhaps a nice employee or manager might take a look for you.
  •  If your phone still hasn't turned up, call your provider back and ask if there is any way, pretty please, that you can get a free replacement. Or perhaps you have insurance that will cover at least part of the new phone. If not, don't sink a lot of money in a new phone, because your old beloved cell might still turn up somewhere (like in that black hole you call a purse perhaps).
  • If you didn't have it before, now's a good time to sign up for insurance on your phone. My experience with Verizon is that it costs $5 per month, and that insurance will cover the cost of a replacement phone if yours is lost or damaged.