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by TeraFaye

Tips on eBay Business Ideas

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The world of eBay has become a user-friendly competitive business market. I have learned that the trick to running an eBay business is to be a savvy seller. Here are a few eBay business ideas that will help you make money. 

Be Ahead of the Game

Purchase supplies that are hot and in demand.  Do not sell what is easy to sell, offer people what they want most. There are tools on eBay such as the What's Hot page that tell you what is currently most popular on eBay.


Sell Immediately

Increase your sales by offering the “Buy it now” option instead of slowly auctioning off your products. People often are impulsive and will buy immediately while they may loose interest if they have to keep checking a bid price.


Offer Perks

Give people an incentive to buy your product from you rather than from someone else. Throw in an extra gift or free shipping for your customers.


Create your own products

If you have a trade or craft sell your work on eBay at a competitive price. Your items will be unique compared to other marketers’ products so people can only buy from you. The lack of competition gives you the power to raise the price. The trick is being able to make products that other people are willing to spend money on. 


Guarantee shipping dates

People's biggest worry when buying something online is that it won't arrive on time. Guarantee same day shipping and an arrival date. It may cost you a little bit more, but it is guaranteed that more people will buy your items.


Search for a Demand and then Search for Suppliers

Before you buy products make sure there is a demand for what you are selling.  Research what isn't being sold on eBay and other online sites. Keep track of what is popular and rare. Then hit up your local garage sales, church sales and flea markets to find unique items to sell.  Many sellers also attend trade shows where you can order items in bulk.