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by TeraFaye

The Best Natural Stool Softener

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A stool softener is a laxative that draws water and fat to the large and small intestines, lubricating hardened stool and making it easier to pass. Stool softening laxatives are known to cause a tolerance and even dependence with prolonged use. For this reason it is vital to use a natural stool softener to relieve constipation rather than a chemically based laxative.  The following natural stool softener regimen will relieve your constipation problems in a fast, organic and healthy way!

Eat to produce bowel movements. Naturally softening hardened stool requires a strict diet rich in fiber. Stick to raw fruits and vegetables and whole grain breads and pastas. Avoid refined foods. Snack on the most effective constipation-relieving foods: raisins, yogurt, prunes, carrots, peas, dates, figs and papayas.

Drink like a camel. Guzzle liquid as if you are preparing to spend a week in the desert.  The more hydrated your body is the more soft your stool will be.  Pure fruit and vegetable juice are good to drink, especially prune juice.  Lemonade is also a great choice. Water with boiled barely leaves every 3 hours is very effective in softening stool naturally. You can also drink ½ cup of Aloe Vera juice, which contains the natural ingredients anthroquinone and glycosides, which are the active ingredients in most laxatives. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and salty drinks as these will dehydrate you and leave your stool dry and more stuck than before.

Move your body to get your stool moving. Your stool will begin to move and dislodge when you increase your activity level. If you are suffering from constipation go on a walk, go for a swim, or do a home aerobics workout. Exercise pumps blood to your colon and helps your body to naturally dispel its waste as it should.

If you follow these steps your stool will soften in a fast, healthy and natural way.