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by TeraFaye

Tips on Choosing the Right Pet

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Making a decision on which pet to buy can be very important and very difficult. You must consider many factors in order to choose the right pet to share a home with. After 15 years experience owning animals I suggest 4 tips on choosing the right pet.

Consider your needs

You need to be aware of how much time and money you and your family can afford to spend on a pet.  You will need to spend a certain amount of money a month on food, veterinary bills and grooming, among other things.  Ask yourself if there is an allergy to a certain pet in the household or a close family friend that will be visiting your residence often.  Do you want a pet that will sit in your lap or sit a cage?  Make a list of what you are looking for.

Research the pet

Take time to investigate different pets you are interested in.  Know what noises the animal makes and how often they need to visit the vet on a general basis. Are they clean or messy? Hyper or tranquil? Do they eat a lot? Know what you would be getting yourself and your household into before you purchase.

Make sure your pet is healthy

Pets from shelters and pet stores are often very healthy and strong. Often if there is an immediate health concern the shelter or pet store will help to take care of the problem.  Avoid adopting strays without a veterinary check because they are often unsafe. Wild pets too are often more unsafe.

Consider carefully the age of the pet

While puppies and kittens are cute, they are babies and often need training. Consider how much time you are willing and able to spend on training them. Often an older pet that has already been trained and needs a new home is a great choice for people who do not want to cover their furniture, constantly clean carpets and pay a fortune in training courses.