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by TeraFaye

Tips for Making a Piñata

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Making a piñata can be fun project to do with children in school, daycare, at a birthday party or at home.  Follow these tips for making a piñata that is easy, versatile and fun:


To make a piñata you need large balloons, a 12 inch piece of wire, newspapers, 2 cups of white flour, 2 1/2 cups of water and a large bowl.  You will also want to select toys or candy to put into the piñata once it is dry.

Plan ahead:

It takes about 1 week for these piñatas to dry efficiently. Be sure to make it enough in advance that it is ready for any event you plan to use it in as an activity.

 Create your Piñata:

  • Blow up a balloon and tie off the end so that air does not escape. 
  • Tear or cut the newspaper into long strips.
  • Combine the water and flour into the bowl and stir vigorously until it is similar to cake batter consistency without any lumps.
  • Spread the flour-water mixture on the balloon and stick the newspaper strips onto the mixture, covering the entire balloon except for a 2 inch wide hole at the top. Add a second layer of the mixture and newspaper strips at a crisscross angle to provide strength to the piñata.
  • Attach the piece of wire to the top of the piñata by layering newspaper and the water flower mixture over the ends of it onto the balloon. The wire should be in a bow over the small opening faces up when the piñata is hanging.
  • Continue to paste layers of newspaper around the piñata until there are 6 to 10 layers. The more layers your piñata has the stronger it will be, which means more people will get a chance to try and break it!
  • Leave the piñata in a high, dry place and let the layers harden. After 2 days, pop the balloon through the 2 inch hold left on the top so that the inside of the pi ilde;ata can dry.   All in all, let the piñata dry for about 1 week.
  • After the piñata has dried, you can paint and decorate the outside with acrylic or fabric paint. You can glue pieces of paper, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, cardboard pieces and other decorations onto it to make it look like different shapes or animals.  For the traditional fringe, cut various colors of tissue paper into strips and glue them onto the piñata in layers.
  • Once the outside of your piñata has dried, fill the inside with candies and toys by pushing them through the hole in the top. Attach a string to the wire and hang the piñata up to show it off. Later, kids can take turns whacking it with a bat or broom stick to get the candy and toys out!