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by TeraFaye

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

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Nothing compares to an invigorating dip in a beautiful, clean swimming pool. Unfortunately keeping your pool clean can seem like a daunting task. Here are some swimming pool maintenance tips that will help you keep your pool refreshingly clean.

Shock it clean and clear

The chemicals used to shock your pool attack and kill algae and bacteria that have been growing in the water and on the side and floor of the pool. If you pool gets heavily use you should shock it as often as once a week. If your pool does not get often used, shock it whenever you see the water starting to get cloudy.

Remove debris

Daily removing debris from your pool, such as leaves and other things, will keep your pool from turning green. A big leaf net is better than a hand skimmer because it mixes the water and debris at the bottom surfaces. 

Keep the pH levels in check

When your pool chemicals are balanced correctly there is less corrosion or scaly water in your swimming pool. Professions pH tests or testing strips are available at any swimming pool maintenance shop. You can also find and order them online.  

Filter the water

Running your pool's filter every day helps to keep the water clean. Make sure to change your filters as soon as you notice the water being a little more cloudy than usual.

Prepare your pool for winter

If the winter months turn cold where you live it is best to close your pool. Most pools are fine being left with lower levels of water, chemicals and filtration which can be cheaper than draining and refilling your pool next season.  If you get heavy snow and ice in your area, draining the pool prevents the pipes from freezing and cracking.  Remember to turn the power breaker off to avoid shortages.