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by olakos2000

Ideas for wedding favors

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Wedding is the most memorable day not just for a groom and a bride but also for those invited to the wedding. To make sure that your guests remember your wedding celebration, it is always a good idea to offer them some gifts. A lot of people str uggle with wedding gift ideas. Some want to make it personal, others want to make it glamorous. No matter what your intentions are, gifts for guests will make them remember your special day for a long time. 

Here are some gift ideas that will make your wedding more special:

  • Wine charms in a pretty bag. Wine charms are great gifts. They fit all forms of wine glasses. If you offer your guests a set of 4 or 5 wine charms, then each member of the family can personalize their glasses. 
  • Two pieces of heart shaped soap in a pretty bag. Almost every woman likes shaped soap. Most likely they’ll use it as a decoration for the bathroom.
  • Heart shaped candle. Candle is a very universal gift. Both women and men like candles. You can choose different colors so that your wedding colors match the candle gifts.
  • Colored glass crystals in a pretty bag. When you present your guests with glass crystals, you are trying to say that your celebration is as pure and beautiful as these crystals. 
  • Refrigerator magnets with bride and groom’s picture. Many people get refrigerator magnets when they travel to places that they liked, and your wedding is no exception.  
  • Calendar magnet with bride and groom’s picture. Everyone uses a calendar. Why not give one as a memorable present to your guests.
  •  Heart shaped chocolate. Chocolate is a universal present for your guests. You can get this tasty gift at almost any grocery store at a small price.
  • Christmas glass ball. If you are having a winter wedding, Christmas tree decoration is a perfect guest gift. This gift will be loved for many years to come.