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by olakos2000

Dial up internet connection

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Dialup Internet connection is one of the oldest and slowest Internet connections. It still owns a significant share of the Internet connection market today. Around 12 million people use dial up in United States. Many people stick with this Internet connection because for some that is what they know and for others that is what they can afford.   

Here is why Dial up connection is still a popular choice in the US:

  • Availability. Dialup connection only requires access to a phone line, which makes it a good choice for areas where higher speed Internet is not available.
  • Simplicity. The only equipment required for the dialup connection is a modem. The modem dials a preset number and establishes Internet connection using your user’s name and password. Unfortunately, you can’t use your phone and Internet at the same time. Dialup connection is also a very slow connection (usually 56kbps) and requires a lot of patients on your part. Modern web pages are very heavy on graphics, which takes them a lot longer to load using slow speeds. A lot of web content will not at all.  However, by using compression, dialup providers were able to slightly increase the speed.
  • Low price. Dialup connection is the cheapest connection. The modems are very cheap and in older computes come already installed. The necessary software also usually comes installed on your computer. Besides your phone bill, which you pay independently from Internet, the monthly fee for the dialup is below $10 a month. You can also find free dialup services. Besides, most providers also include free virus and spyware protection.