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by olakos2000

Internet safety for children

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Internet became an important part of life even for children. The most popular activity is to chat with friends and to play online video games. However, Internet is full of predators trying to harm children. It can also have bad influence on children.  Parents should protect their children by monitoring and controlling their online activities as much as possible. Although the best way to control your children is to watch them while they stay on the computer, sometimes it’s almost impossible.

Here are few tips on how to create online environment safer:

  • Set up a separate user account for each of your children. That way you can individually control Internet time and allowed Internet content.
  • Set up a parental internet control option.

To do that you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Start – Control Panels – User Accounts—Create a new account
  2. Once you created your kid’s account, you need to set up a parental control option.
  3. Click Start – Control Panel – Internet Options—Content – click on Content Advisor Enable button.
  4. After clicking Content Advisor Enable button, Content Advisor window will appear. There you can choose several categories such as “content that sets a bad example for young children”, “sexual material”, or “depiction of drug use, gambling, language”, etc. You will need to click on the chosen category and adjust the slide bar to the specification you want.

You can also do that from Internet Explore by going to Tools-Internet Options-Content=Enable.

Remember, that when children know they are being watched at all times, they are not as tempted to visit websites they are not supposed to visit.