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by olakos2000

Wedding video tips

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Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Recording this day will give you and your family a memory that could be watched over and over again. Hiring a professional to videotape might cost a lot of money. With a little planning, you can do your own wedding movie.


Here are a few tips to produce a good wedding video:


  • Plan your video shots. You don’t need to hire a professional to take your wedding video. You can do it yourself with the help of your friends by planning every shot. First, you need to choose your helpers. Second, think about your ceremony and reception.
  • Have two video cameras. Having a shot from two different angles can be very challenging during the wedding ceremony. Two cameras can assist you with achieving this shot. Two cameras mean you need to have two people to operate them. To ease up your helpers’ work, you should get cameras stands. With stands, cameras could be steady and easily maneuvered.   
  • Record people’s interviews. Another good idea to include into your wedding video is to interview some people. Usually, people at a wedding like the idea of being taped and to send their wish messages across.
  • Combine pictures and videos into your wedding video. When you edit your film, it looks very artistic if you combine picture slides with live shots. This way you don’t really need to show people your video and your photo album at the same time.
  • Create one short wedding video. It is always a good idea to make short video of your wedding. This film should include only outline of the wedding. Usually, the video should last about 5-10 minutes.